Say hello to the leadership team at Bethel Harvest Church

Meet our leadership

Say hello to the leadership team at Bethel Harvest Church. Got questions for the lead team at Bethel? Contact us by clicking here.

Marion Dalton - Founding Pastor

My name is Marion Dalton, and I’m the founding pastor of Bethel. As you might guess, I’m pretty invested in this church. Before we planted Bethel back in February of 1999, Stephanie and I knew for seven years that we’d plant a church in Lexington. More than 19 years later, we’re amazed at all God has done! It’s been one wild ride to this point and we can’t wait to see what God does next!

Stephanie Dalton - Executive Pastor

My name is Stephanie Dalton I'm one of the Founding Pastors of Bethel. I am currently the Children's Director as well as the Executive Pastor. The city of Lexington was laid on the heart of myself and my husband in 1995 to start a church. We were released to fulfill that dream in January of 1998. We packed up and moved from Columbus, Ohio to Lexington to start Bethel. Looking back, I am not sure if we were young and full of crazy faith or just crazy.

Mark Keene - Assistant Pastor

Travis Lilley - Media Director

Rebekah Terrey - Church Administrator

Terrell Horton - B Studentz Middle School Director

Kathee Norris - Outreach Director

Rhonda Kohs - Support Team

Naomi Gonzalez - Support Team

Alfonso Gonzalez - Facilities Director