Geeked Marriage Weekend FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If You Got Questions, We Have Answers!

I've paid my deposit, can I make payments and when is balance due? 

Yes, you may make online payments anytime (make sure you chose Bethel Events as Type) and 50% of balance is due by June 30, with remainder of balance due by Oct 1st...and then you get to pack and wait!

Please note, these dates will be enforced due to contract obligation.

How are the rooms/bathrooms/eating areas set up?

King beds, with flat screen televisions. All utilized bedroom will have attached personal bathrooms.


I am still nursing and would like to bring my infant. Are kids/Infants allowed?

As much as we congratulate you on your family growth and support breast feeding moms, the Geeked Marriage Weekend is to take you and your spouse away from it all and focus on your relationship and time with one another. Plan ahead to have that amazing babysitter that God will provide or plan on being with us in 2020!

Will my spouse and I have alone time?

This is an easy one cause the answer is YES!!!! As we are excited about the community time, we are most excited about the time for YOU and your SPOUSE period! Alone time is a priority in 2019.

Can we bring alcohol?

All food and drinks are included in your $650 investment into your marriage. Alcohol is prohibited at this event.

Will there be security on site?

Yes, we have a security team for this event...and they look nothing like the planning team for this event.

Will there be cell phone service?

Cell phone service will depend on your service provider. There could be some areas that you may lose service. The number to the Resort as a back up number for emergencies would be 606-668-6534 or 888-596-0525.

Can I choose my neighbors?

While you cannot pick your rooms, our core team is committed to getting to know you and choose a room keeping in mind who your friends are, your personality, and any physical restrictions that are noted on your online REGISTRATION. We want this to be a FUN weekend for you and your spouse.

Do I have to bring anything special?

Yes, you and your spouse! We will suggest a few items but we will send a sample packing list and other pertinent information to all registrants about 4 weeks out from event!

Can newlyweds attend this retreat? Also, will the husband and wife stay in the same room?

Yes & certainly, yes! You are a step ahead of the gang if you attend this as a experience necessary; and we do assign rooms but your roommate will always be your spouse.

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