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About Us

Who we are & what we believe as a church family.

Why We Exist: To Help People Belong, Believe, Become, & Build

These are the 4Bs of Bethel. We want to help people Belong, to know that you are loved just as you are. We Believe, without compromise, in Jesus and His Word. We help people Become and be a transformed Christ-follower, and together, we Build the Kingdom making a difference.


Belong: At Bethel, you are loved just as you are. Because Jesus knew to Whom He belonged – His Heavenly Father – He lived a life full of love and focused on helping others discover the same love that He knew. From the woman caught in adultery to the rich young ruler, from a greedy tax collector to the religious leaders who judged Him, from washing His disciples’ feet to laying His life down on the cross, Jesus never faltered in His unconditional love for all people. Creating belonging was a way of life for Jesus, and at Bethel, we join our lives together on this journey of faith.


Believe: in Jesus and His Word. Jesus showed us how to keep the Word of God central in all aspects of life. Whether he was being tempted in the desert, challenging religious leaders, or teaching the multitudes, He spoke by the authority of God’s Word. Many ideas and distractions bombard us in today’s world, and we must make an intentional choice to put God’s Word first in our lives. At Bethel, we preach and teach the liberating, life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Become: Be a transformed Christ follower. Jesus’ ministry revealed that God made His love and grace available to everyone. Jesus shook people out of the status quo and invited them onto a journey of becoming the men and women God created them to be. Think of His disciples. He chose twelve unsuspecting, ordinary men from all walks of life, and over the course of three years, He helped them discover their calling and become transformed into His image. Becoming isn’t about gathering information; it’s about experiencing radical transformation and being released into the world with the undeniable message of a changed life!


Build: We make a difference. Jesus’ final message to His disciples gave them the purpose for all the events that had led up to that point. He had lived His life with them – they belonged together, they believed together, they became God’s laborers together – and now He told them why. God had not sent Jesus to accomplish the work but to equip and commission believers to be released into the earth to accomplish the work (Matt. 28:19, Mark 16:15).