About Us

Who we are, where we come from, and where we're headed as a church family

Who we are

Here's the deal, Bethel Harvest Church cares about one thing more than anything else, Jesus Christ. Bethel is focused on what we call the 4B Mission - We want to be a place where you can belong, believe, become, and build.

This is how we explain the 4B mission:

Belong – where I’m loved and accepted.

Believe – in Jesus and His Word.

Become – who God designed me to be.

Build – the Kingdom of God.


Belonging comes first! We are very intentional about making the core of our mission and our culture belonging. Statistics, as well as most conversations with the average unchurched person, tell us that the church has become known as judgmental. But the Bible says that we should be known by our “LOVE” (Jn. 13:35). God loves people before they believe in Him, and that is what Bethel puts into practice. When we create a place for people to belong, God uses us to make people better and stronger, and that’s why BELONG comes first at Bethel!

The church, in general, has done a better job of telling people they’re sinners than it has at telling people God loves them no matter what they do. The grace of God is free gift available to every person, to the entire world. This is the message of hope and grace and love that Bethel offers! You belong – you are loved and accepted by God, AND you are loved and accepted by us…no strings attached, no conditions applied. If you are looking for a church to call home, you may have already found it. Welcome to the family!


The question we challenge every person with is this: will you believe? We love you regardless of how you answer, but it’s no accident you are searching for church and you found us. There are a lot things we can believe in, but if we don’t get it right at the foundation, everything else is wrong. Jesus is the Christ – that’s what we believe (John 20:31). And we believe it according to the Word of God, the Bible. Whether you’ve been a Christian most of your life or you are just now considering faith in Jesus, this “B” is another building block you can’t live without.

Believing in Jesus and His Word means believing that when we were saved, we became righteous! The “believe” component of our vision is focused on getting us to believe what God has already declared about us. We are righteous for no other reason than God has declared us righteous (1 Corinthians 5:21).


Becoming is a journey rather than a destination. When we’re young, most of us have those thoughts of “arriving” at an ideal state later in life – it’s a combination of the ideal of religion, the ideal of worldly success, and whatever else we think we deserve in life. The reality for all of us is much more an unpredictable journey.

Becoming is 2-fold: it is the inward transformation that begins at salvation and the outward expression of God’s purpose which is our calling. It’s easy to get caught up rules and religion and our own self-effort when the topic is becoming who God designed us to be. But the Bible is careful to emphasize that we cannot earn God’s love by our works but that He loves us because of his grace and purpose! God designed you to be one who reflects His image in the earth. THAT is what we are becoming – not like someone else or what religion prescribes, but LIKE Jesus!

Once you have discovered that you belong, then you can discover something to believe in. THEN, you can become who God designed you to be, which means fulfilling your calling! Other people are depending on our journey of becoming who God designed us to be!


What if we were only a people who belong, believe, and become? Would it make a difference if we just stopped there? If that were the case, we would implode! We would become so inwardly focused that God’s purpose for us and for His church would not be fulfilled.

The final ‘B’ is the result of getting the other 3 right – it takes us to the ultimate expression of the 4B Mission: Building the Kingdom of God. Jesus’ first public declaration was the introduction and arrival of a Kingdom, not a religion (Mt. 4:17). In bringing the Kingdom, he offered humanity a choice between His Kingdom and the devil’s Kingdom. One Kingdom will build you up; the other will break you down – is that such a hard choice?

Jesus came to reveal the heart of His Father and to establish the Kingdom in people’s hearts through His death and resurrection. And once the Kingdom is in us, then we have a responsibility. The only way the Kingdom is revealed and established is by being expressed through US! God doesn’t give the option of observing rather than engaging the enemy! If people around us are going to see and enter the Kingdom, it will be because we recognize our role in the Kingdom. This is the expression of the 4B Mission – we are a people who belong, believe, become, and build the Kingdom of God!

Every service we have, every ministry we offer, every testimony we share, and every resource we provide are all an expression of the 4B Mission.